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Artist House:
Mediterranean Residence

One of the projects we intend to activate within the Yrnm Gallery is that of the Artistic Residencies. The underlying idea is to allow the artist total involvement and in-depth analysis necessary to come into contact with the Island of Pantelleria.


On the island you can savor the silence, a true isolation from the world, a parenthesis in which the artist is directly confronted with the strong energy that his black rocks emanate, the strong energy that comes from obsidian, pantellerite, the scents of the typical Mediterranean scrub, the clean air and the boundless horizons, the play of light reflected on the sea.


The smell of moss, ferns and salt... The territory will tell about itself and the artist's sensitivity will allow him to make an internal journey, a path of recognition and transformation because, there is no point in hiding it, in Pantelleria this is exactly what happens. It takes a certain amount of strength to deal with this Island and it is, therefore, necessary to be in a state of centering and balance.

We want to provide accommodation, food and logistical support.

The artist will be accompanied to delve deep into knowing what lies beneath the harsh and soft surface.


Moments of public meetings and moments of restitution of the experience will be created.


Each residency program may have different duration and conditions.


For some residencies we plan to create shared exchange experiences with other artists  - from 7 to max 10 - and here it will also be possible to create real communities of Artists in which everyone, having chosen the specifics of the work they decide to undertake, the objectives, goals, style and type of research, will compare then with other artists who use different means, with the aim of creating single works and, at the same time, collecting photo and video documentation. The aim is the creation of a unique work  than to collect all the collective experience linked to the residency.

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